Holy crap I'm ginger
Woah, hello there! It seems that you've just stumbled upon my blog! You don't know my name, but that's fine, you can just refer to me as Flo or Ginger if you feel like it. I post-(reblog)- a rainbow of different things, like, you'll be scrolling and "Oh! There's some Loki and Tom Hiddleston. Uh oh, now she's reblogging text posts. Wait, what's that in the distance? OH, OH SHIT! SHE'S REBLOGGING HOMESTUCK AH FUCK WE'RE ALL DEAD WHY DOESN'T SHE TAG HER HOMESTUCK!!!!!1!11!!!???" <-dead.

If I potentially kill you with my blog, then I apologize in advance. Have fun! c:
Homestuck stuff down here
Chumhandle: nocturnalWordsmith

Zodiac: Gemini (Sollux, Mituna, Psiioniic)

Patron Troll: Vriska

Prospit Dreamer

Heir of Hope

Land of Mirrors and Smoke
Blood color: Teal

Lusus: Fox